Author Name:   Kev4000
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 Tool Name:    Custom and easy to use BF2 debugger
 Tool Type:   Debugging
 Tool URL:   /files/bf2/tools/BF2_debugger.rar
 Tool Author:   Kev4000
 Last Update:   :2011-06-09 11:27:15
 Description:  Battlefield 2 easy to use debugger!
Forgot to add, if using Vista or Win7, run in Windows XP compatibility mode!
Tech info:
Uses Apache Thunder's method of modifying the .exe to use the following settings directory:
/My Documents/DebuggerBF 2/
This way controls and settings are separated from BF2 1.5, which are incompatible with debugger.
Resetting controls to default will restore controls from /mods/modname/settings/Controls.con
When creating or retrieving a new profile the default controls will be loaded.

Additional advanced info:
BF2 debugger is capable of online play, and can be run as a dedicated server.
Should try setting up an actual game using it!
Use "+?" to get a list over additional commands.

Credits: Kev4000 for putting it together and Apache Thunder for discovering the settings folder method

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