Author Name:   Void
 Author Description:   Author of ESAI (Enhanced Strategic AI) for BF2.
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 Tool Name:    BF2 Strategic AI System (ESAI) - By Void.
 Tool Type:   Code Editing
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 Tool Author:   Void
 Last Update:   :2011-02-10 17:07:01
 Description:  An apps made by Void to enhance the BF2 AI Commander strategies. "The ESAI core contains 22 working strategies. The included default Strategy Sets assign 9 strategies to each team. It is a simple matter to create your own Strategy Sets using the ESAI core strategies.A plugin system allows SAI scripters to use the ESAI base to craft new strategies without reinventing the wheel. A user written plugin can create a strategy by making use of the conditions and/or prerequisites already defined in the ESAI Core. Plugin authors can also create additional conditions and prerequisites as needed." (Void - BFSP Forum). Click here (BFSP Forum) for more.