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 Author Description:   Good at BFSP news. And has a nice personality. (Wants to take a picture of himself, but keeps breaking the camera!

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 Tutorial Name:    Basic BF2 Existing Map Editing
 Tutorial Type:   Level Editing
 Tutorial URL:
 Tutorial Author:   PoomPoom500
 Description:  Here is a brief tutorial for those lazy heads like myself who just want to EDIT an existing map in a few easy steps with the use of a few apps (like winRAR, or 7zip, and BF2 Editor v 1.3).

NOTE: You need to follow a few steps of Kysterama's BF2 SP Support and Navmeshing.

 Tutorial Name:    Map Making Video For BF2
 Tutorial Type:   Other
 Tutorial URL:
 Tutorial Author:   PoomPoom500
 Description:  Here is a step by step process of making a basic BF2 map by means of several FREE apps.