Desert Combat Extended
 Mod Name:  Desert Combat Extended (DCX)
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 Latest Version:  v.9 - Download (800 MBs)
 Last Update:  Nov 20, 2011
 Description:  Adds a lot of extra features to DC to make it a lot more fun. This is is not a full BF1942 modification, however. It's an add-on to the Desert Combat mod and therefore requires it to also be installed.

BF42 Page

 Latest Mod Version
 Latest Version:  v.9 - Download (800 MBs)
 Added Date:  2006-01-01 02:00:00
 Version Description:  Version 9

- ???

Version 8

- Added the British army
- Upgraded damage system
- Self guided missiles on some vehicles. These are not player guided missiles; these missiles guide themselves to the target. They use a fairly simple form of Newtonian physics for guidance. These are not heat seeking or radar lock missiles.
- New theme system for British army
- New Ural truck variant that can drop fixed emplacement Howitzer artillery guns.
- Improved Harrier variants. New has better hovering ability and high-speed handling. New variant carries Harpoon anti-ship missiles
-Pantsyr improvement. Now has anti-air guns and can engage targets on the ground.
- Mig-29 OVT. A new variant of the Mig-29 Fulcrum, which has 3 dimensional, thrust vectoring engine nozzles for improved low and high-speed handling.
- Track Rapier mobile anti-air vehicle
- Fixed emplacement Rapier SAM site
- Challenger main battle tank
- Warrior APC
- Landrovers, 4 different variations with different abilities
- Lynx attack helicopter
- Lynx anti-ship helicopter
- Chinook transport helicopter
- Avro Arrow. This is my personal plane.
- Buccaneer airplane
- Tornado ADV air superiority airplane
- Tornado GR3 ground attack airplane
- Jaguar ground attack airplane with 3 different weapons loads
- Mig-25 Interceptor airplane
- Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) to spot targets for artillery
- DDG destroyer
- Type 42 destroyer
- Akula attack submarine
- Los Angeles class SSN-688i attack submarine
- Trafalgar attack submarine
- Fast Patrol Boat. 2 variations. One with anti-submarine capabilities, the other has floating mine-laying capabilities
- Shersen torpedo boat
- Special Operations Craft Mark V (SOC MKV) speedboat
- Zodiac small inflatable boat
- Fixed emplacement 40mm Bofors twin barrel anti-aircraft gun
- Fixed emplacement 20mm twin barrel oerlikon gun
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel .50 cal browning machine gun
- Fixed emplacement twin barrel NSVT machine gun
- L96 Sniper rifle
- L85 Assault rifle
- L86 Assault rifle
- GPMG heavy machine gun
- BHP pistol
- PSG-1 Sniper rifle
- Javelin anti-aircraft handheld missile launcher
- Milan anti-tank handheld missile launcher

DC Extended DC 0.7 mods

Version 0.7.1L

Last updated : 16/2/2004 @ 21:45 EST


DC_Extended is an extension of Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. It's purpose is to add certain weapons that I feel would make the game more fun to play, modify existing weapons to compensate for minor annoyances and to modify certain official maps to take advantage of the new weapons.

The idea is that using existing models and program code from Desert Combat you can tweak things here and there to make it a little more fun to play.

DC_Extended also provides the ability to use the modified vehicles and standard vehicles on the same map at the same time. Only certain maps will have this ability when all the map changes are complete.

Since the release of DC 0.39k, DC_Extended also addresses a lot of balance issues that were introduced with 0.39k. The damage system for most weapons has been overhauled to be more fun to play with.


These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat

- Player guided SCUD missile
- SAM sites
- Mobile SAM truck
- M.O.A.B.
- Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles
- More guns on Blackhawk
- Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields.
- Destroyer launches guided Tomahawks and gets a helipad with a Seahawk
- Seahawk has defensive flares and drops guided torpedoes
- Phalanx guns on ships
- Ural tanker "suicide" bomb
- Artillery modifications to prevent "stealing" by other players
- Sub fires Guided Tomahawk and Guided Torpedoes and carries Navy seals
And many more...

Important notes

Please read through this readme file first before asking questions. It's likely the answer you're looking for is already in this file. Especially in the FAQ section near the end.

Please read the disclaimer at the end before you install.

Please read the license at the end before you distribute this file and/or decompile the files to access the source code.

Visit our website at if you have any problems.

DC_Extended requires the following:

- Battlefield 1942
- 1.6 patch of Battlefield 1942
- Desert Combat modification version 0.7 (
- Some common sense to properly install and set up.


DC_Extended now has it's own website at

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or you want to find online servers running DC_Extended; check out our website first. There's a good chance the website will be much more up to date than this readme file and all your questions will be answered.

Instruction manual

An instruction manual for each vehicle will be on our website under the FAQ section. If you're having difficulty or want to use all of a vehicle's features, start by looking at our FAQs on our website.

Changes done

Version 0.7.1L

- Changed No fly zone day2 sam sites
- Trimmed down size of snipefest
- Changed kit items on snipefest
- Made central flags neutral on snipefest
- Fixed omaha beach allied spawn
- Reduced lag on F-14 catapult
- Added SU-25 with rocket pods
- Added SU-25 with anti-ship missiles
- Adjusted damage system (plane guns, .50cal sniper, SAM)
- Added single player version of Coral Sea
- Added deployable Browning, NSVT, TOW and Recoilless
- Added defense kits
- Added bush deploying for sniper
- Added razor-wire deploying to defense kit
- Added liferaft
- Added liferafts to Enterprise
- Fixed guided torpedoe collision system
- Added "special edition" MI-24
- Updated repair pads/hangars
- Added rolling wheels to all helicopters
- Added liferafts to shokaku
- Added liferafts to LCAC
- Added liferafts to Fletcher
- Added liferaft to gato
- Fix SA-3 truck recoil
- Added Mi-25B
- Added Mi-25C
- Added Mi-25M
- Fixed M-109 textures
- Fixed M-1974 textures
- Amphibious M-163
- Added M-113 with .50 cal, driver and 4 troops. Amphibious
- Added M-113 with Tow, driver and 4 troops. Amphibious
- Improved LCAC turning
- Reduced LCAC top end speed
- Added 2 more vehicles to LCAC
- Fixed commander cuppola on M1A1
- Fixed commander cuppola on T-72
- Added U.S. armory
- Added Iraq armory
- Added M2A1 with guided TOW
- Added AH64 hangar
- Added MI24 hangar
- Added new Shilka with ground attack
- Added Armoury to El Alamein, day2 & day3
- Added Armoury to Bocage, day2 & day3
- Added Armoury to Gazala
- Fixed hangars on Gazala
- Fixed vehicle spawns on Gazala
- Added Armoury to Oil fields
- Added Armoury to Weapon bunkers
- Added Armoury to Guadalcanal
- Fixed up guided TOW
- Fixed up Shilka
- SU-25 gets ground radar
- Added deviation to SU-25 FFARs
- Added gas grenade to terrorist kit
- Adapted for DC .6
- Converted Nimitz to DCX
- Swapped Enterprise on all maps for Nimitz
- Added liferafts to Nimitz
- Fixed networking issues for M1A1 and T72
- Added Littlebird to Basrah's Edge
- Added CIWS to Fletcher
- Added SeaSparrow to Fletcher
- Added liferafts to Nimitz
- Converted MH-53 to DCX
- Added liferafts to MH-53 when it sinks
- Added floaters to MH-53
- Added rotating wheels to MH-53
- Added liferaft paradropping to MH-53
- Fixed pos switching on M-53
- Added machine gun to defgun
- Swapped AA harriers on Nimitz to Hydra and maverick versions
- Created a mule for the Nimitz
- Added mule to Nimitz
- Added 20mm Oerlikon gun to Iraqi carrier
- Disabled bot use of M2A3 with guided TOW
- Disabled bot use of Humvee with guided TOW
- Revamped Ural (4 steer wheels now)
- Revamped Ural with supply/landmine dispenser
- Added Ural troop transport
- Added Ural that drops ZPU-4s
- Fixed AI issues with H-6 series helicopters
- Fixed pilot/copilot icon placement on H-6
- Added Hammy's Exocet missile
- Added Hammy's Mirage modification for the Exocet
- Added Mirage with Exocet to Shokaku
- Disabled parachutes on Basrah's Edge
- Locked out iraqis from taking carrier on Urban siege and Sea rigs
- Fixed AI issues on verious vehicles
- Fixed gun slewing on H-6
- Added "Ship" verison of Nimitz
- Added Anti-ship version of AV8
- Fixed network code on various vehicles
- Added new skins to various vehicles
- Enabled maps in single player campaign
- Fixed various moving spawn issues
- Added intro screen
- Added credits menu
- Added low lag version of Hydra
- Fixed M-113 & M-163 suspension
- Added call atry to H-6, H-53 and SA-342
- MLRS with driver's seat block
- MLRS with cluster rockets
- Added 11 variants of F-16
- Added 7 variants of F-15
- Added support for new map Liberation of Caen
- More Apache variants
- Fixed Snipefest map
- Added more single player maps
 Custom Archive Maps for DCX
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
A Sliver of Hope for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Ambush at Check Point Delta  Download     Goldrush   Jan 1, 2006 
Bring Em On  Download     FreudsMothersRage   Apr 20, 2006 
Coastal Hammer for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
DC Christy Canyon for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
DC Cornered for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
DC First Light for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
DC Gaunlet for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
DC No Fly Zone Day 3  Download (3 MBs)    DC Mapping Team | FreudsMothersRage   Apr 26, 2006 
El Volcano for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Hundred Yard Dash  Download (3 MBs)    Anonymous   Jan 1, 2006 
Mill Valley for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Operation Chariot 2 for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Operation Tandom Thrust for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Rheinmetall  Download (13 MBs)    Rouspov   Jan 1, 2006 
Rostov for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Tundra AGM for DCX  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | DasRoach   Jan 1, 2006 
Winterland for DCX  Download (6 MBs)    Thunderbolt | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006