Dead Cities
 Mod Name:  Dead Cities (Dead)
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 Latest Version:  v1.0 - Download (46 MBs)
 Last Update:  Jun 27, 2010
 Description:  In the not too distant future the world is ravaged by war and left a desolate place. Roving bands of miscreants steal and loot to survive off the corpse of the old world. Out of this conflict come two main groups, the loosely connected Road Rogues who plunder without mercy and rule the highways with a V8 fist; and the Civilian Compound, a group of survivors who will stop at nothing to protect their families and a way of life that they used to know.

Enter the fray with eight new vehicles and a whole slue of new deadly weaponry. Custom animations, interesting new types of weapons, creative vehicles and excellent artwork abound! Strap in, load up, and check your ammo - it's time to stake your claim in the wastes!

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 Latest Mod Version
 Latest Version:  v1.0 - Download (46 MBs)
 Added Date:  2006-01-01 02:00:00
 Version Description:  Currently there are only 4 original BF42 maps that work with this mod; Gazala, Kursk, Stalingrad and Kharkov.
 Custom Archive Maps for Dead
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Rheinmetall  Download (13 MBs)    Rouspov   Jan 1, 2006