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 Mod Name:  Battlegroup 42 (BG42)
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 Latest Version:  v1.32 - Download (152 MBs)
 Last Update:  Jun 27, 2010
 Description:  The BattleGroup42 team aim to promote team-play in a historically accurate and fun environment set across the battlefields of World War 2. With each successive release BG42 is developing its own style of unique gameplay. Scout forward positions and call in covering fire as a troop of friendly tanks roll forward backed by APC support, fly air cover protecting your bombers from marauding interceptors, assault an enemy beachhead taking the forward positions before moving inland to victory! Historically accurate equipment displays the benefits and failings of their real counterparts. Features such as multi-role APC's and improved infantry classes promote teamplay by making it easier and more beneficial for players to work together. A comprehensively revised damage system allows for a much greater depth of feel without being draconian, one-hit kills are the exception not the rule. We have gone to great lengths to produce gameplay that is both balanced and enjoyable. Attention to detail has also become a key aspect of the mod with high quality textures, sounds and models all carefully researched and developed. The result is a mod with approximately 130 tanks, trucks and cars; nearly 50 aircraft, over 70 small-arms and over 40 unique maps*. These represent 7 nations: Canada, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Russia, The United Kingdom and The United States. BG42 is continually on the leading edge of creative development with the Refractor 2 engine that powers BF1942. Features, previously thought impossible or impractical have been made a reality. Examples include Autoplanes, self-flying aircraft with no input from users, and fully-articulate towable artillery originally thought impossible due to engine restrictions.

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 Latest Mod Version
 Latest Version:  v1.32 - Download (152 MBs)
 Added Date:  2006-08-30 02:00:00
 Version Description:  Fixes:
- missing/wrong sounds
- swapped icons on the Flak 36
- wheel bug on SdKfz 222
- swapped main gun / machinegun on M26 Pershing
- Sexton Crosshair (didn't move any more)
- missing defguns on Bloody Ridge
- corrected map files for all Vanilla Bf42 Maps (excluding the match mappack maps)
- Fixed "invisible wall" bugs on Kalinin Front, Raid on Rabaul and Operation Corkscrew
- Fixed wrong soundscripts on Betty
- some small bugs
- Narvik: Ticket bleed fixed
- 2cm Flakvierling fixed

- Bots don't use smoke grenades anymore due to "spamming" on some maps, which caused massive framerate drops.
- Sniper Rifles are more accurate now, and deal more damage. One shot to head or chest now kills your target.
- Armor of the Sherman 105, M4A3E8 Sherman, M4A3W76 Sherman, M4 Sherman, Sherman Jumbo, Sherman Ronson and the Cromwell slightly increased for a better match with the real values.
- Slightly strengthened the british 2pdr. projectile while removing the splash damage for a better match with the real values; this affects the Crusader I, the Matilda, the Daimler Scout Car and the Tetrarch.
- raised exit positions on flak and artillery guns; you won't fall through the floor anymore, if the gun is placed on a building.
- Adjusted the artillery projectile's speed and gravity
- Vehicle/Map changes on LoC: M4 Sherman -> M4A3W76 Sherman, Tiger -> Panzer IV H, Pak40 spawntime almost three times higher than before
- Fixed Coop-mode of Final at Bizerte
- Fixed the Dingo & Lynx driver camera: you now look straight instead of 20 degrees to the left.
- Camera angle changes on Dingo, Lynx and Bren Carrier: Left & Right 90 degrees, up 40, down 10, matched camera speed values
- Integrated MCR's new Grenade Explosion Effect
- Changed the Daimler "Binocular Position" camera: 10 Degrees up & down view added
- Increased the Betty's engine strength. You don't crash into the palms on Rabaul anymore during lift-off.
- completely reworked the lexiconall.dat file
- Re-added the lod distances for all land vehicles
- Changed the grenade settings back to 1.2 values
- Hetzer Top MG's rotation speed decreased
 All Archive Mod Versions
 Version:  v1.31 - Download (.256 MBs)
 Added Date: 
 Version Description:  As already mentioned in the last news update, this patch will solve most of the problems encountered in Version 1.3, especially the disconnects from server during online play, and many other smaller bugs like the throwing behaviour of mines and grenades and the damage settings of AA guns. Since we are only a very small team with limited capacity, it is possible that there are still some bugs and problems we don't encounter during the tests. Please report them in our BG42 forums at
 Version:  v1.3 - Download (.1500 MBs)
 Added Date: 
 Version Description:  Battlegroup42 1.3 Change Log

New Maps:
# 4004-Narvik
# 4209-Bloody Ridge
# 4301-Velikye Luki
# 4309-Navarone
# 4312-Ortona
# 4408-Mont St. Michel
# 4409-Hells Highway
# 4409-Operation Stalemate
# 4411-Operation Infatuate
# 4412-Ghost Front
# 4412-Waldhambach
# 4502-Siegfried Line

Reworked Maps from previous releases:
# 4112-Kalinin Front (former "Karst")
# 4208-Kaukasus (former "Operation Barbarossa")
# 4212-Tigers at Tebourba (former "Tebourba")
# 4212-Tebourba Breakthrough (former "Tebourba")
# 4304-Final at Bizerte (new Statics)

In addition, new Co-Op mode and improvements in the AI Strategies were made in the following maps ( by CareyBear, one of our newest members!)

# 4004-Narvik
# 4408-Anguar
# 4409-Hells Highway
# 4410-Battle of Overloon
# 4502-Siegfried Line
# 4503-Paderborn
# Liberation of Caen

The MOB Clan Map pack #2 is now an integral part of BG42. Many maps have new, highly detailed static models (special thanks to Geronimo|Ger!!!) or have been upgraded with new ambient sounds. Twenty four maps are either new to BG42 or have new Co-op modes. Many other maps were modified to include new units and/or features.

We made use of smigs "controlled gates" on several maps. To operate them, just go into the guard house, press "E" or whatever you use to enter a vehicle. Now you can open or close the gates by using the "left" / "right" button (military fences) or the open/close buttons (e.g. for operating the ramp of the landing crafts).

On several maps we now have controlpoints which require two players for capture. Expect this on Waldhambach, Siegfried Line and Velikye Luki.

Special hint for Navarone: To eliminate the axis spawn point on the small island, you have to destroy the guns with explosives. The capture of the controlpoint will not stop them spawning!

Bot Support:
The AI has undergone many, many enhancements and tweaks for better Co-op games. This applies to map paths/strategies, hand weapons and vehicle AI code. Bots can now see as well as you can, but are limited by factors such as fog and visibilty on a map by map basis. Bot "senses" such as hearing have been enabled for all hand weapons. If you fire your weapon, expect Bots to respond! The knives are silent Bots now use self-propelled artillery, stationary artillery guns, stationary machine guns, binoculars and mines more effectively than before!

New Vehicles:
# Sdkfz. 222
# Sdkfz. 234/1
# Sdkfz. 251/9 "Stummel"
# M3 Grant
# M3 GMC
# Bren Carrier
# M36 B1 Jackson
# Assault-DUKW
# LVT2 Water Buffalo
# LVT4 Alligator
# Gaz 67
# Flakpanzer IV "Wirbelwind"
# Flakvierling 38
# BMW R75 w/sidecar
# Schwimmwagen
# 25-pdr howitzer
# Matilda Frog
# Flamm-Hetzer
# Mitsubishi G4M Betty

The DUKW was donated by a noble soul to the BF1942 community a few years ago... We thank him, although his name is now lost to history! The BMW_R75, FlakPanzerIV turret, Schwimmwagen, and 25 Pounder are from the BF1942:Secret Weapons demo.

All vehicle guns now fire where you aim the crosshair. It's up to you to judge for distance! Most main guns use 1/2 real-life velocity. The exceptions are howitzers, which use a lower velocity to simulate real-life use.

Artillery batteries:
The player controls three guns at once, each of them firing with a slight delay. These new feature comes in several versions: Katyusha-, Nebelwerfer-, sig33-, 25pdr- and M2A1 howitzer batteries.

New weapons:
All player kits have been redesigned with uniformity in mind. Weapon loadout varies depending on kit and nationality. There are two new pick-up kits: MaschinenGewehr34 and M1919Browning machine guns. Note that jumping/moving greatly affects accuracy! The prone position is most effective for these weapons, although you can now fire from any position.

The Molotov, Incendiary Grenade, M14 Thermite Grenade are effective sabotage tools. The M18 Smoke Grenade and NbHgr39 smoke grenade have a small explosion radius and are effective defense weapons.

The Sikes Commando Knife is silent and deadly at close range! It can only be thrown.

BG42 V1.3 has also many new bullet, explosion, grenade, and ambient effects.

Battlegroup42 1.3 Bug Report and discussion: Please report every issue you found during playing here at the forums. It would help us to make a better version 1.4. Of course you are as well invited to discuss the new Battlegroup42 1.3 with us and other fans.

Battlegroup42 1.3 Online Gaming There is a BG42 online gaming event at the [MOB] BG1 server every Wednesday and Sunday from 8.00 pm GMT+1 on.


You are all welcome to join! If you set up a server as well please let us know and post it here at the forums!
 Version:  v1.2 - Download (.590 MBs)
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 Version Description:  .
 Version:  v1.1 - Download (.292 MBs)
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 Version Description:  .
 Version:  v1.0 - Download (.800 MBs)
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 Version Description:  BG42 v1.0 Change Log --------------------- Legend US= United States Br= Britain Ru= Russia Ge= Germany Ja= Japan Ca= Canada Hu= Hungary + =New to 1.0 --------------------- Land Vehicles ***Allied*** Tanks US M3 Stuart US M3 Lee + US M4 Sherman US M4 Sherman 105mm + US M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo US M4A3W76 Sherman + US M4A3E8 Sherman Easy 8 + US M24 Chaffee + US M26 Pershing + Br Stuart I Br Crusader I Br Crusader III Br Matilda II Br Sherman Firefly Br Cromwell + Ru T-34/76 Ru T-34/85 Ru KV-1 Ru KV-2 Ru KV-1S Ru KV85 Ru IS-2 Ru BT-7-2 + Tank Destroyers US M10 Wolverine US M18 Hellcat + US M36 Jackson Br Achillies IIc Ru SU-76 + Ru SU-85 Ru SU-100 Armoured Cars US M8 Greyhound + BR DaimlerMKII Armored Car + Br Daimler Dingo Br Staghound Ca Lynx Ru Ba64 + Self-Propelled Guns US/Br M7 Priest US M16 M-GMC US T19 HMC + US M21 Mortar Carrier US M12 GMC+ Br Bishop Br Staghound AA Ru SU-122 Ru BM-13N Katyusha Ru M17 M-GMC Fixed Artillery US M2A1(M101A1) + US M5 Anti-Tank Gun + Ru Zis 2 Ru Zis 3 Br 6 Pounder + Miscellaneous US M3A1 APC US Jeep US Jimmy Truck + US M29C Weasel + US M30 Carrier + US M3 Satan Flametank + US M5 Mobile AT Gun + US/Ca Sherman Ronson + Br SAS Commando Jeep Br Home Guard Jeep Ru M5A1 APC Ru KV-8 Flametank + Ru TO-34 Flametank + Ru Studebaker + ***Axis*** Tanks Ge Panzer II F Ge Panzer III J Ge Panzer III J Special Ge Panzer III M Ge Panzer III N Ge Panzer IV D Ge Panzer IV F1 Ge Panzer IV F2 Ge Panzer IV H Ge Panther D Ge Panther A Ge Panther G + Ge Tiger E Ge King Tiger Hu 41M Turan Ja Type 97 Chi-Ha Ja Type 97 'Shinhoto' Chi-Ha Ja Type 95 Ha-Go + Ja Type 4 Ke-Nu + Tank Destroyers Ge Hetzer Ge Jagdpanzer IV/70 Ge Jagdpanther Ge Elefant + Ge Ferdinand + Armoured Cars Ge Sdkfz 234/2 Puma Self-Propelled Guns Ge StuG III D Ge StuG III G Ge Sturmpanzer II (Bison) Ge Sturmpanzer IV (Brummbaer) Ge Wespe Ge Sdkfz 251/17 Ge Flakpanzer IV/3.7cm FlaK (Ostwind) Hu Zrinyi Hu Nimrod Ja Ho-Ni + Fixed Artillery Ge Flak36 Ge Pak40 Ge sIG 33 Ge Nebelwerfer Ge Pantherturm + Miscellaneous Ge Sdkfz 251 Hanomag APC Ge Sdkfz 251 Hanomag APC Tow + Ge Opel Blitz Ge Opel Blitz MG + Ge Opel Blitz Tow + Ge Kubelwagon Ge FlammPanzerIII + Ge Kettenkrad Ge Pak40 Mobile + Ge Rundumsfeuer Remote MG + Ja Ho-Ha APC Ja HoKi APC Ja Black Medal Aircraft ***Allied *** US P-39 US F4-F3 Wildcat + US F4-F4 Wildcat + US P47-D Thunderbolt US P47 (M8 Rockets) US Mustang P51-D US P51 (Pure fighter) US P51 Mustang (M8 rockets) US Corsair F4u I US SBD-3 US B-17 F US P38-F (Pure fighter) + US P38-F Lightning (M8 Rockets)+ US P38-J (HVAR rockets) + US P38-J Lightning (FighterBomber) + Br HurricaneMKI + Br HurricaneMKIIB + Br HurricaneMKIIC + Br HurricaneMKIID + Br HurricaneMKIV + Br SpitfireVb Br SpitfireXIV Br Lancaster B-1 Br Defiant + Ru Yak-9B Ru Yak-9D Pu P39 Airacobra ru LaGG 3+ Ru IL-2M3 Ru IL-2M3R + Ru IL-2M3R2 + ***Axis*** Ge BF109 E-3 Ge BF109 E-3B + Ge BF109 G-6 + Ge FW 190A-3 Ge FW 190A-8 Ge Me 262A-1 Ge Ju 87B Ge Ju 87G Ge Ju 88A-4 Ge Ju 52 (mobile spawn ) Ge Henschel 129 + Ge He111 + Ja A6M2 Zero-Sen 'Zeke' Ja D3A1 'Val' Ja B5N1-Kate + Ja B5N2-Kate + ***Additional Armaments*** M8 3inch Bazooka rockets + 25 Pounder AP Rockets + HVAR Rockets + RS-132 Rockets + RS-82 Rockets + Naval Craft ***Allied*** Carriers: US USS Enterprise Variations: USS Hornet [Alt. Aircraft layout], USS Yorktown [Static] 1.0 Modifications: 20mm Oerlikon Batteries Destroyers: US Fletcher 1.0 Modifications: Torpedo Tubes, 20mm Oerlikons, Player Controlled Alarms, Additional Mid Deck Turret Battleships: US PrinceOW 1.0 Modifications: Activated Extra Turrets, Mulitple Ammo Types Submarines: US Gato Submarine 1.0 Modifications: Reworked Torpedo Firing System, Rear Firing Torpedoes PT Boats: US Elco80 1.0 Modifications: Bot Tested and Approved ***Axis*** Carriers: Ja Shokaku 1.0 Modifications: 20mm Oerlikon Batteries Ja Taiho + 1.0 Modifications: Alternative Aircraft Layout, AA Batteries, Large Underdeck Storage Rooms Destroyers: Ja Hatsuzuki 1.0 Modifications: Additional Forward Turret, Torpedo Tubes, 20mm Oerlikons, Player Controlled Alarms Battleships: Ja Yamato 1.0 Modifications: Activated Extra Turrets, Mulitple ammo types Submarines: Ja Sub7C 1.0 Modifications: Reworked Torpedo Firing System, Rear Firing Torpedoes PT Boats: Ja Type38 1.0 Modifications: Bot Tested and Approved Small Arms ***Allied*** US Colt US M3A1 Grease Gun US Springfield 1903 US M1 Carbine US M1 Garand US M1 Garand bayonet + US BAR1918 US Thompson US Johnson US Deployable Browning + US Bazooka US MK. II Grenade US M1 Garand Rifle Grenade + Br No2 Revolver + Br Auto 5 Shotgun Br Sten Br No4 Br No4 Bayonet + Br No4 Scoped Br Bren Br Boys Anti Tank Rifle + Br PIAT Br M36 Grenade (Mills Bomb) Br No68 Grenade (Rifle Mounted) + Br Gammon Grenade + Ru Nagant Revolver + Ru PPSh 41 Ru Mosin Nagant Ru Mosin Nagant Scoped Ru Mosin Nagant Bayonet + Ru SVT 40 Ru SVT 40 Bayonet + Ru DP-28 Ru DP AA Machinegun + Ru Stationary DP + Ru PTRD Anti Tank Rifle + Ru RPG43 AT Grenade + Ru F-1 Grenade ***Axis*** Ge Walther P38 Ge MP18 Ge MP40 Ge Gewehr 43 Ge Gewehr 43 Bayonet + Ge Gewehr 43 Sniper + Ge K98 Ge K98 Bayonet + Ge FG42 Ge STG 44 Ge Deployable MG42 + Ge Pzb39 Anti Tank Rifle + Ge Panzershreck Ge Panzerfaust + Ge Steilhandgranate Ge K98 Rifle Grenade + Ge GebalteLadung + Ja Katana Ja Nambu Pistol + Ja Type 100 Ja Arisaka Ja Arisaka Scoped Ja Arisaka Carbine Ja Arisaka Bayonet + Ja Type 99 Ja Type 97 Anti Tank Rifle + Ja Type 97 Grenade + Ja Type 2 Arisaka Rifle Grenade + Hu 43M Generic: Knife Landmine Medkit ExpPack and Detonator Wrench Maps --------------------- Legend *= Co-op += New 1.0 Map ^= Heavy changes ----------------------- All Regular BF1942 Maps Supported for BG42 1.0 BG42 Additional Maps Operation Mercury* ^ Dnieper River + * Operation Crusader Rostov* ^ Gavutu Island* Stalingrad Winter* Kharkov Winter* Tundra* ^ Korsun* ^ Operation Citadel* Pointe Du Hoc* ^ Barkmanns Corner* Anguar* ^ Carpathian Defense ^ Nancy ^ Debrecen* Huertgen Forest ^ Wacht Am Rhein + * Operation Varsity* ^ The Swamp ^ Berlin Streets + * New 1.0 Features Artillery Spotting Positions: BG42 1.0 has added new artillery spotting positions to planes and tanks alike to make artillery spotting a more important aspect of gameplay/teamplay. Flamethrowing Tanks: In BG42 1.0 you won't just be playing with fire metaphorically, you'll be playing with it literally. The Sherman Ronson, the M3 Satan, the KV-8 and the Flammpanzer III will deal death and destruction lag free and with some impressive fire effects. Remote Machine Guns: I'm sure we've all been there. You get into a tank and man the turret machine gun only to be shot several times from some infantry chumps lurking in a building. In BG42 1.0 the Rundumsfeuer Remote MG solves the problem. As you can probably guess, the Rundumsfeuer Remote MG is a remote machine gun that was fitted to several german tanks later on in the war. While your tank is still vulnerable to AT attack, your defensive machinegunners will be safe and sound in the hull, controlling the top machine gun to keep those pesky infantry at bay without endangering the life of the gunner. The Rundumsfeuer Remote MG is used only on some vehicles and only on some maps to ensure that the maps remain balanced. Dynamic Vehicle Spawn System (DVSS): We're actually pretty excited about this feature in 1.0. The way DVSS works is that when you start the game you have the regular object spawns as usual, a Sherman here, a Hellcat there, all the normal stuff. But as you progress through the map and capture more control points, you are rewarded with "reinforcements" at your home and captured bases. These reinforcements can range from stationary guns to heavy armour to aircraft or naval craft. But the best part about this system is that we've spent literally hours tweaking and balancing the DVSS so that you have a slight advantage but not so much of an advantage that you can over-run the other team. Also, which bases you capture affects what you get. Some middle of the desert outpost won't get you as many reinforcements as a factory. Activated Hull Machine Guns: In BG42 1.0 nearly all tanks with hull MG's in real life will now have them ingame. Towable Artillery: Another exciting feature we have is Towable Artillery. Before, towing was accomplished by making the artillery piece a part of the towing vehicle which disappears when "deployed" only to have a real artillery piece spawn within milliseconds. This was a decent system but the problem was that the artillery piece was rigidly attached to the back of the towing vehicle and looked out of place. In BG42 1.0 however, the artillery piece moves independently of the towing vehicle and reacts to bumps, hills and ditches accordingly. Vehicle Exhausts: The Tiger rolls over the plains during Operation Citadel, belching black smoke as it tears the ground apart. While we can't claim vehicle exhausts on some vehicles have any gameplay changes, they sure do look cool. Anti Tank Rifles: An aspect left out of the original BF1942 game was Anti Tank Rifles. In BG42 1.0, ATRs play a significant role in anti-tank warfare. ATRs are not used in every map because of the new class and menu layout (which will be explained later in this text). Anti Tank Rifles are powerful but have as many disadvantages as advantages so you better choose carefully. While ATR's are great at defeating the light armour of early war tanks, they are essentially ineffective against late war tanks and heavy armour. Add to that the massive recoil and you have a weapon that isn't the super weapon it could potentially have been. However, in the right hands an ATR is a deadly tool if one knows the proper strategy for using it. It's definitely a gun that very few will master but those who do will be a valuable asset to their team. Naval Changes: Naval changes in 1.0 are a quantum leap from past versions of BG42. Starting us off is the addition of the new Japanese Taiho Carrier. This ship, the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy will grace the waters of the updated Midway map in 1.0. On the topic of carriers, the carriers in 1.0 will now be armed with powerful 20mm Oerlikon batteries to fend off attacking aircraft. Destroyers have been upgraded as well with Torpedo Tubes and some kick-ass alarms to alert the sailors of impending attack. The Japanese Destroyer has an added turret as well as the above changes. Battleships have not been forgotten either. Suhren has activated the extra turrets so that all the guns fire and the port and starboard guns now can choose between ammo types. Submarines have a revamped firing system in 1.0 which among other things lets you fire rear torpedoes for wiping out those nasty destroyers tailing you. Keep in mind that 1.0 naval combat will require more thought anc tact. You cannot just go up to a ship and start firing, it will get you killed quick. Double Articulated Tracksets: Custom tracksets are a trademark of BG42 and with 1.0 we wanted to go 1 step further. Double Articulated Tracksets essentially are tracksets whose upper rung of tracks move up and down with the wheels. This means the rigid tracks of yester-year are over. But remember that not all tanks had the articulated tracks. This is a cool feature, but of course it only applies to tanks where the tracks run along the top of the roadwheels rather than on return rollers. If your still confused as to what it means, just download 1.0 and see for yourself. New Class Layout: In the Anti Tank Rifle paragraph I mentioned the new menu/class layout. To start off, BG42 1.0 will include a 6th class. The new class system is essentially broken down into: Sharpshooter, Submachine gunner, Anti-Tank, Medic, Mechanic and Rifleman. Each class has distinct advantages and disadvantages. But the main change is that we've made early war and late war kits so that on early war maps you will get weapons used….you guessed it, early in the war. And in late war maps you will get the weaponry factored into the war later on. Anti-Tank Grenades: We all remember when BF1942 first came out that 3 or 4 grenades under a tank would disable the damn thing. When BG42 came along, we changed it so that grenades had as much of an effect on tanks in game as they did in real life, which is essentially no effect at all. But there were grenades developed by all sides in World War 2 with the function of destroying tanks. BG42 1.0 has included the British and American Gammon Bomb, the Russian RPG43 and the German Geballte Ladung AT grenades for your enjoyment in obviously limited numbers. Deployable Machineguns: A new infantry feature is deployable machine guns which will be pick up kits scattered across maps in obvious places like bunkers so you won't need to be searching around for them. Simply drop the portable MG and voila, you can send streams of molten metal flying at your adversaries from any place you see fit. Once again, the Deployable MG's are limited to prevent over-use. M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage and M30 Carrier: These are technically new vehicles but their significance warrants that they be classified as features. The M12 GMC and the M30 Ammo Carrier are best used in conjunction and far away from the front as they have next to no armour. The M12 Gun Motor Carriage is the base for the 155mm gun whose shells can and will liquify metal on contact. The M12 also has an important feature which you should know about, the spade. Before firing this beast, you must put down the spade (the same way you lower the doors on the landing craft) to ensure the Motor Carriage stays stable. Failure to do so will result in massive and possibly catastrophic failure as a result of recoil. The M30 is based on the M12's chassis and supplies the M12 with ammo. Keep in mind that both the M12 and M30 have next to no armour so stay away from front line fighting, I can't stress this enough. Rifle Grenades: Some classes will have this little pal attached to the end of their rifles. The rifle grenades are very limited in number but at the same time incredibly useful. These weapons are best used at short to medium range as they do not have the ballistic characteristics of bullets. They are explosively propelled grenades and have a respective range. As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to this weapons so use it wisely. Bayonets: In 1.0 some classes will have bayonets replacing the zoom function on their rifles. This has the advantage of giving you a long reaching close combat weapon but cuts back on your rifles long range capabilities. Not all classes have bayonets so you can choose either/or. Rotating Artillery: Added in 1.0 is the function to slowly rotate the stationary artillery piece around 360 degrees so you can get maximum area coverage from the gun. This added movement to the gun removes the problem of tanks finding your respective "blind spots" and exploiting them. Mobile Artillery: Thanks to the gentlemen over at the Battlefield 1918 mod for donating their walking animation so that BG42 1.0 now has mobile artillery. This is separate from Rotating Artillery and Towable Artillery because it is two seated. The one seat can slowly push the gun forward while the other gun can fire though you can't do both at the same time. Corrected Katyusha: Something had bothered Cavesloth, one of the BG devs. It was the rails on the Katyusha truck. So he added 2 extra rails so that it would carry the correct number of rockets. Air-to-Ground AT Rockets: Another addition is the inclusion of AT rockets to planes like the P-38 F. AT Rockets give airmen another tool to use against armour but like everything, its limited and tricky to use to tankers don't have to worry about getting completely obliterated in 1.0. They do however have to watch the skies much more carefully as the AT rockets in a capable pilot's hands can mean certain death for the distracted tanker. Improved Autoplanes: In 1.0 you'll notice a marked improvement on the Autoplanes code first implemented on Operation Mercury several versions ago. In 1.0 and specifically on the new Berlin Streets map, the Autoplanes now have more attitude. With better sounding fly-bys and even turning manoeuvres, the Autoplanes almost seem to be piloted by real life players and it would seem that on Berlin Streets the high level bombers even drop bombs. Priest/Wespe PCO Changes: No more getting into the Wespe or Priest gun position only to have someone drive off with it. 1.0 will have the driver and gunner position combined for ease of use. There will still be a second position for the machine gunner of course. Improved APC Physics: Ever get tired of rolling the APCs? Well Dacrapper has coded a new physics layout for the APCs so that those annoying rollover only occur when they are supposed to. Tons of New Skins: There isn't much to say about this one that the title doesn't already explain except that our skinners have gotten their little hands on our old skins and given them a work over. Tons of New Sounds: Richochets, explosions, collisions, muzzle loadings, gunfire, planes, tanks, engines, ships, turrets and everything under the sun. New sounds galore in BG42 1.0 so keep an ear out. Old gun sounds have been beefed up to sound like heavy weaponry not pea shooters. Those plane engine sounds have been tweaked as not to deafen you. All in all, a real treat for the ears in 1.0. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features In Versions up to .98 Correct muzzle velocities : The tanks now have correct relative historical muzzle velocities. This means they fire flatter and straighter, making them better against enemy tanks and vehicles – especially moving targets (coax against infantry is unchanged). The muzzle velocities used are exactly 1/3 of the real historical values (this may be increased in a later version) but this is still a significant improvement on the values in the original game (varying randomly between about ¼ and 1/8 of the real historical value). Armour protection : Tanks now correctly take no damage from the splash of battlefield artillery (Priest and Wespe). Damage from direct hits from them is reduced. Damage from large artillery (ships and defguns), splash and direct, is unchanged. Gun traverse/elevation : All tanks and SP artillery now have their correct turret/mounting traverse and elevation limits, rather than all being identical. Generally this increases the ability for tanks to fire below the horizontal, and is intended to encourage correct fire positions for tanks (e.g. reverse slopes below crests or in folds in the ground) where previously they had to be on flat ground or angled forward to fire downwards. Ammunition stowage : All tanks and SP artillery now have their correct relative ammunition stowage amounts for the main gun (actually 1/3 of their historical value), rather than always holding 30 rounds. In some cases this has increased stowage, in others it has reduced it. Although overall stowage amounts are not significantly changed, there will be a few more occasions when tanks run out of main gun ammunition. The answer, of course, is to call up an APC for a resupply. Improved armour protection : APC's now immune to small-arms fire (BAR and SG44), as they were built to be, and reduced damage from artillery splash (damage from Browning MG, MG42 and direct hit from artillery unchanged). Repair ability : As well as the original ability to resupply vehicles, APCs can now repair vehicles belonging to their own side, including tanks, by driving up close to them. They can also repair themselves and other APCs, but only very slowly. Grenade Feed Control: Ammo boxes recharge grenades more slowly to discourage grenade spamming. APC Lifetime Increase: APCs have had their lifetime when unoccupied increased to two minutes (from 45 seconds) in order to encourage their use as local repair and supply points. Their repair radius has been increased from 10 to 15 metres. Re-planned Artillery Spawnpoints: Artillery that previously only spawned when a forward base was captured have been replaced by tanks and APCs. Instead Artillery has been added to the main bases so that it can be used to help capture the forward bases. This applies to Kharkov, Kursk and Bocage. Aberdeen Co-op Support: Support has been added for the Operation Aberdeen map (which now spawns APCs next to most bases) - this obviously needs Operation Aberdeen itself to be installed if you want to make use of it. Tank Placement for Teamwork: For example, where various tanks of the same type have been scattered around the main bases they have been gathered together in order to encourage players to use them in co-operation (the smallest unit for tank fighting should be the troop - typically 3 tanks). Light Tank Artillery Spotting Option: Light tanks in BG42 have positions in which the occupying player can spot for artillery. Very useful for teamplay. Multiple Ammo Type 88: Left click for anti-aircraft fire and right click for alternate fire. The Hungarian Army: Well what more is there to say? The Hungarians are coming with their Zrinyi, Nimrod and Turan tanks as well as their 43M machine gun. Updated Operation Market Garden Map: Allied forces are now British (British tanks, Spitfires, Lancaster and even British bots). They have to break through an '88' screen to reinforce those holding the Arnhem bridge. Realplane Code: Incorporation of the latest version of the RealPlane mod by Psychoslaphead. The most obvious change is that fighter aircraft now have cannons as secondary armament instead of bombs. Other changes improve aircraft flying and dogfighting by bots. Armour/Damage System: A new historically accurage armour/damage modelling system. Each vehicle now has its historically correct armour and gun power. Be aware that the sides of tanks in real life are frequently much more vulnerable than the front (and sometimes more than the rear). KT Smoke Grenade Dischargers: The King Tiger can fire smoke grenades to conceal itself (right-click in position 2). APC Driver Mouselook: The driver of the APC now has the option of looking around in the cockpit. Tank Optics Changes and Additions: -All tanks and anti-tank guns now have a fixed (low-power) zoom. -Heavy tanks have gunsights. New SU-85 and SU-122 for the Russians (to partner the existing KV and IS tanks):
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 Custom Archive Maps for BG42
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Airbase for BG42  Download (5 MBs)    Schwebepanzer | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006 
Battle for Bastogne for BG42  Download (2 MBs)    Anonymous | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006 
BG42 Map Pack  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | Nobi   Jan 1, 2006 
Operation Tractable  Download (12 MBs)    Kiosk | MasterChiefRulz   Apr 11, 2006 
Pacific Railroad for BG42  Download (1 MBs)    Thunderbolt | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006 
Rheinmetall  Download (13 MBs)    Rouspov   Jan 1, 2006 
Snow El Alamien for BG42  Download (1 MBs)    Winstons Churchill | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006 
The Struggle for France  Download (14 MBs)    MasterChiefRulz | Arc D'Wraith   Apr 11, 2006 
Winterland for BG42  Download (6 MBs)    Thunderbolt | HamburgerHill   Jan 1, 2006