Battlefield 2 - Euro Force
 Mod Name:  Battlefield 2 - Euro Force (BF2-EF)
 Mod Website:
 Last Update:  Oct 28, 2009
 Description:  The battle expands in the first booster pack to 2005's hit game Battlefield 2. Take the powerful new Euro Force into action against MEC and Chinese armies as you battle for control of all-new Asian locations. The action escalates to a fever pitch with the latest high-tech vehicles and weapons including attack helicopters, battle tanks, assault rifles, and much more.

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 Custom Archive Maps for BF2-EF
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Operation Smoke Screen sp64  Download (17 MBs)    EA/Dice | Kysterama   Apr 10, 2006 
Taraba Quarry  Download (21 MBs)    EA/Dice | Xstax981   Jul 19, 2006