Battlefield 1942 : Secret Weapons
 Mod Name:  Battlefield 1942 : Secret Weapons (BF42SW)
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 Last Update:  Dec 6, 2009
 Description:  "Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII* lets you control the most bizarre and lethal top-secret weapons of the Second World War. Straight from Allied and Axis laboratories, many of these weapons never saw combat until now! Defeat your enemies with a variety of experimental firepower, including the Wasserfall Guided Rocket, the Natter Rocket Plane, and the revolutionary Rocket Pack. Drop from a cargo plane behind enemy lines and prepare for close combat with one-shot-kill knives, new machine guns, and more. Give all of these weapons and vehicles a trial by fire on eight tough new battle maps." (EA Battlefield 1942).

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 Custom Archive Maps for BF42SW
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Piti  Download (5 MBs)    FourCentsShy   Sep 11, 2004 
Piti - Multi Mod  Download (5 MBs)    FourCentsShy   Apr 17, 2006 
Raid on Agheila  Download (1 MBs)    Anonymous | FourCentsShy   Oct 26, 2005 
Rheinmetall  Download (13 MBs)    Rouspov   Jan 1, 2006 
SW_Groenland  Download (27 MBs)    Rouspov   Jan 1, 2006 
Traumstal  Download (11 MBs)    Galdar   Jan 1, 2006 
Valley Of The Damned  Download (37 MBs)    Anonymous   Jan 1, 2006