First Strike Extended
 Mod Name:  First Strike Extended (FSX)
 More Info:
 Last Update:  Jul 8, 2013
 Description:  Allows gameplay with on the BF2142 stock maps in singleplayer with the Star Wars BF2142 mod, First Strike. Includes many additonal custom maps and map conversions all in singleplayer. Custom Textures give the Bf2142 maps a Star Wars feel. Supports BF2152 1.51 patch and First Strike ver 1.5 Includes custom textures to give the stock maps a Star wars feel. FSX 1.1 is the latest release Map List: Belgrade Bridge_at_Remagen Bridge_At_Remagen_Night (created by Devilman) Camp_Gibraltar Cerbere_Landing Fall_of_Berlin Highway_Tampa lagueriniere_outpost_hoth Liberation_of_Leipzig Liberation_Of_Leipzig_Day (created by Devilman) Minsk Nesmazzda_conflict (created by Thomazz) Operation_Blue_Pearl Operation_Shingle Port_Bavaria Port_Bavaria_Night (AIX night map) researchs_in_Anchorhead Shuhia_Taiba Sidi_Power_Plant Suez_Canal tatooine_mosespa_night Tunis_Harbor Verdun

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