Battlefield 2 : Armoured Fury
 Mod Name:  Battlefield 2 : Armoured Fury (BF2-AF)
 Mod Website:
 Last Update:  Oct 28, 2009
 Description:  Maps set in the US have been requested by the community for quite some time, and we are pleased to deliver three that set the stage for huge armored warfare battles.

Operation Midnight Sun
Operation Harvest
Operation Road Rage

To balance the wide-open tank battles with aerial firepower, six new vehicles will be introduced, including 3 scout helos such as the MD 530 ?Little Bird?, and 3 ground attack aircraft like the A10 Warthog.

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 Custom Archive Maps for BF2-AF
 Map Name   Download   Map/AI Author   Added Date 
Midnight Sun sp64  Download (10 MBs)    EA/Dice | Clivewil   Jul 20, 2006 
Operation Harvest sp64  Download (8 MBs)    EA/Dice | Zinnstein   Jun 13, 2006 
Operation Road Rage sp64  Download (7 MBs)    EA/Dice | Clivewil   Jul 19, 2006