5.56mm Full Metal Jacket
 Mod Name:  5.56mm Full Metal Jacket (BF2-FMJ)
 Mod Website:  http://www.dnacs.de/bf2-556mm-fmj/
 Latest Version:  v1.0 - Download (800 MBs)
 Last Update:  Oct 28, 2009
 Description:  BF2 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket is a multiplayer modification which basically succeeds a Mod originally designed for Doom3. After a year of development I could get an idea of what comes into creating a complete modification for a next generation game. I then decided to switch to Battlefield 2 due to its features that I always wanted to have implented into my mod. This and its excellent stereo 3d performance got me finally moving from Doom3 to Battlefield 2.

This mod is actually a mix between a realizm and an enhanced coop mod. It kinda kills the "arcade feeling" of the original battlefield 2 and actually turns it into a more tactical based shooter....

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 Latest Mod Version
 Latest Version:  v1.0 - Download (800 MBs)
 Added Date:  2006-04-25 02:00:00
 Version Description:  Features so far:

- Blood Effects (to make the scenerio more realistic and visually indicate direct hits)
- Realistic Projectile Damage (weapons now feel alot more life like, death to arcade)
- Realistic Projectile Deviation (now you actually hit what you aim at)
- Realistic Projectile Velocity (real-life ballistic data was used)
- Coop compatibility improved + instructions (Wake Island 2007 has yet to be done)
- Adjustable 16 or 64 player sized Coop Maps (Play now coop games at any mapsize)
- Detailed Stereo 3D instructions (If you haven't played in 3D you haven't lived)
- Modified Soldier classes (More light armored soldiers for the US available)
- Visual Tweaks (like decals at trees and so on)
- Tracer Ammo for every weapon (1 in 4 bullets is a tracer)
- Sniper Zoom improved (US sniper rifles have 2 zoom-steps now and stay scoped)
- Undergrowth distance increased (grass displays up to 150 Meters)