BL Bridge
 Map Name:  BL Bridge
 Download:  Download (43 MBs)
 Map Author:  BadLizzard
 AI Author:  KarateHand
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  Here's a map made by BadLizzard. he's done a great job on this remake of a classic infantry battle. the goal is hold the bridge as it bleeds more then other flags. well thats if u can make across the bridge. i did ... once, lol. however, there are four sided walls u can snipper from and walk across to get a good scope on things.

oh another plus on this map is that AI use the mounted guns in the map. also near the bridge is a mounted gun for each side so watch out, i find if u use more then 20 bots each side u do get the odd bot tk with these mounted guns the only downside to it, but it all good as kill the other team mostly i find on this map a good battle can be done with 12 to 16 bots each team, lol, cos its a ground battle.
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