First Strike Map pack 1
 Map Name:  First Strike Map pack 1
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 Map Author:  Dnamro
 AI Author:  Dnamro
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 Map Description:  These are unofficial maps for First strike that all work in singleplayer/coop. These maps have been in mini-mods but this is the first time they have been available for first Strike. Just extract into a temp folder on your computer and then copy the map files into your First strike\levels folders. languerie's Outpost Hoth. Each mode (16, 32, 48, 64) has a different layout and vehicles: Snowspeeders vs ATST, snowspeeder vs Ties, ATST vs infantry, and infantry only. Nice conversion of the Imp fortress into a Hoth outpost. languerie's Carbone Hill - Its an infantry only fight across a mountain pass. Fun scrappy map with lots of crevices to hide behind. languerie's Carbone Island - Imperial forces have landed on a beach after a pitched battle and brought an ATST. Can the rebel forces defend themselves? languerie' s Research in Anchorhead - Back to the desert, but this time the Imperials have firehawks. Nice looking map with an orange sky at dusk. Instead of capturing CPs, your capturing droids. Tatoone Mos Espa Night (laguerie)- A nice night version of the daytime map. Bloodgulch - Port of the BF2142 map my Jones. Speederbikes and ATPTs make for a very challeging battle in this small map. 16 player is infantry only and 32 player is with vehicles.
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