Desert Fight Revised
 Map Name:  Desert Fight Revised
 Download:  Download (9 MBs)
 Map Author:  SPFreak
 AI Author:  Spyker2041
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  SPFreak has given winterhiff permission to release this bot-supported map. It is, however, revised by Spyker 2041. Click here (BFSP Forum) for more information. The original map is also posted above.

NOTE: Thanks to MasterChiefRulz for bringing this revised version to the forefront. Also, Spyker 2041, good job in AI additional.

 Compatible with these Mods
  BF2 Logo Battlefield 2

Map Image - L02543-desert_fight_01.jpg
Map Image - L02544-desert_fight_04.jpg
Map Image - L02545-desert_fight_05.jpg