Red Dawn Final
 Map Name:  Red Dawn Final
 Download:  Download (15 MBs)
 Map Author:  imtheheadhunter
 AI Author:  Clivewil
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  The USS Essex has been sent out to capture, or destroy 2 MEC offshore airstrips, and 1 offshore AA battery. You MUST gain control of the skies if you are to succeed.

This map is a test map to see how well the "unsupported" 1024x1024x4 map size will work. Since it seems to work quite well(and is very fun to play), i decided to release this map. have fun!
 Compatible with these Mods
  BF2 Logo Battlefield 2

Map Image - L00200-RedDawn1.png
Map Image - L00201-RedDawn2.png