Operation Compton (v2)
 Map Name:  Operation Compton (v2)
 Download:  Download (80 MBs)
 Map Author:  Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A
 AI Author:  ShaneJohn
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  This map is by Ga-Knomboe-Boy. Imo he's one of the few authors at the cutting edge of pushing BF2 maps beyond the usual limits of the BF2 engine.

Playable in 16,32 & 64 map sizes, Op. Compton is an assault/defence map based around a large trench network.

"After months of violence cease fire talks begin, temporarily staggering the conflict. However, whilst each power involved ostensibly extends the olive branch, they build their arsenals, and reinforce troops, knowing that inevitably the tensions between the opposing sides cannot be resolved given the expansionary tactics employed by all parties. The culminating point of this unease is 'Operation Compton' a small battle over an imbedded firebase, where Chinese forces situated about an open hill through anxiety of the EU's artillery are compelled to attack and secure the stronger position held by the enemy, and thus drive them out of the region."

You need at least Patch 1.2, this adds the EU army.
No need for the Booster pack.
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