Ladder Alpha
 Map Name:  Ladder Alpha
 Download:  Download (30 MBs)
 Map Author:  Nations at War Mod Team
 AI Author:  ShaneJohn
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  These are 2 maps made for the upcoming Nations At War Ladder Match Tournament. Ladder Alpha is a small woodland map (lots of grass...) and Ladder Bravo is a remake of my first map - Operation Joanne - a desert map. The thing that makes these different is the presence of a VIEWING PLATFORM above the flag. The idea behind this is to allow spectators in the Ladder Matches, but if you want a break from the action, it makes for Gladiator style Bot Matches as well!!!

Thank you ShaneJohn for help with the maps.
 Compatible with these Mods
  BF2 Logo Battlefield 2