Arabian Desert SAS
 Map Name:  Arabian Desert SAS
 Download:  Download (50 MBs)
 Map Author:  Hayabusa
 AI Author:  ShaneJohn
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  A long time ago Hayabusa released a map called Arabian Desert...It was done well before the singleplayer part of the editor was released, and although a blast to play, it did have some navmesh issues. But I've always liked this map so I've given it a "face lift"...tweaked,converted to Special Forces and completely re-navmeshed...

"Equipped with only stolen BMP3 Fighting Vehicles, a squadron of British Special Forces are ambushed by an MEC Tank Division... With their superior fire-power the MEC are confident of an easy victory...but their hopes fade when they realise with whom they are dealing with...the SAS!"
 Compatible with these Mods
  Battlefield 2 : Special Forces