No Fly Zone for BF42
 Map Name:  No Fly Zone for BF42
 Download:  Download (2 MBs)
 Map Author:  Anonymous
 AI Author:  Dnamro
 Last Update: 
 Map Description:  This is a map extension that Adds AI to the map and converts it to BF1942. So copy the map extension and the original map into your BF42 levels folder. I had to remove the statics to get debugger generated maps, so the hangers are not pathed. The bots will run into the walls, but they will usually jump into a plane anyway so its not a big deal. I used a variety of air craft for testing purposes and put in German vs British as the Armies - just to set the weapon kits for BF42, not for any sort of accuracy. I did not check the control point flags, and I did not try to match up the countries with the vehicles. I used a wide variety of air craft for testing purposes. Because of all the custom objects, most of the statics from the DC map appear in the BF1942 conversion.
 Compatible with these Mods
  Battlefield 1942