Author Name:   Arc D'Wraith
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Arc D'Wraith

 Map Name:  Aberdeen Bot Patch - Download (1 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - EA/Dice | AI By - Arc D'Wraith
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  Jan 1, 2006
 Description:  If you've been looking for a file that would allow you to play Aberdeen with bots then look no more! Created by Arc D'Wraith, this file is an add-on and will not write over any game files. There is no readme file included but all you need to do is unzip the file to the .../Battlefield 1942/Mods/bf1942/Archives/bf1942 folder and you're good to go!

 Map Name:  The Struggle for France - Download (14 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - MasterChiefRulz | AI By - Arc D'Wraith
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  Apr 11, 2006
 Description:  This map is a fictious battle set in the weeks following the invasion of Normandy. As Allied forces push inland after D-Day into France, the Axis forces rally and attempt to push the Allies back into the Atlantic. US forces have discoverd a supply depot in the french country side and attempt to seize it, but German forces will not relinquish much needed territory so easily. The struggle for France is on.