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Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A

 Map Name:  Amos - Download (111 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A | AI By - Clivewil
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  Mar 30, 2006
 Description:  Operation Amos is a Chinese urban based map where Chinese and American forces fight over a town with air and ground support.

The map works for conquest 16,32,64 players. Notably, on the 32 player version and 16 player versions capturing bases will create additional artillery positions.

The map is named after the coolest cool guy, in the magazine industry; "Amos"

The map supports bots. They are hardy, and will easily navigate the map. The bot map is exactly alike the 64 player map. If you wish to increase the number of bots edit the file;
C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\AI\
Bot support was added by Clivewill of the Allied Intent mod and as far as I am concerned he is the best navmesher in the universe.
Huge thanks Clivewill!

 Map Name:  Hongshangu - Download (40 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A | AI By - Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  Mar 28, 2006
 Description:  Hongshangu is a mountainous infantry map set in valley where US and Chinese forces fight to control an artillery position. This map has bot support, so have fun, but I suggest you play for the US otherwise it will be too easy.

The map works for conquest 16,32,64 players with different flag arrangements, spawns and the like. The Chinese have access to artillery on 32 and 64 player modes, and the UAV, however they do not have access to the sat scan. The US on the other hand have access to the sat scan and uav, and these two US items cannot be destroyed. So it all works out.

 Map Name:  Operation Compton (v2) - Download (80 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A | AI By - ShaneJohn
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  Aug 1, 2006
 Description:  This map is by Ga-Knomboe-Boy. Imo he's one of the few authors at the cutting edge of pushing BF2 maps beyond the usual limits of the BF2 engine.

Playable in 16,32 & 64 map sizes, Op. Compton is an assault/defence map based around a large trench network.

"After months of violence cease fire talks begin, temporarily staggering the conflict. However, whilst each power involved ostensibly extends the olive branch, they build their arsenals, and reinforce troops, knowing that inevitably the tensions between the opposing sides cannot be resolved given the expansionary tactics employed by all parties. The culminating point of this unease is 'Operation Compton' a small battle over an imbedded firebase, where Chinese forces situated about an open hill through anxiety of the EU's artillery are compelled to attack and secure the stronger position held by the enemy, and thus drive them out of the region."

You need at least Patch 1.2, this adds the EU army.
No need for the Booster pack.

 Map Name:  Roadrunner - Download (44 MBs)
 Map/AI Authors:  Map By - Ga-Knomboe Boy BF:A | AI By - ShaneJohn
 More Info:  Map Page
 Added Date:  May 18, 2006
 Description:  A chap called Ga-Knomboe has recently done a great map called Roadrunner. I've never seen puddles like this in a BF2 map before, in all the general quality of it was so good I had to add Bot Support to it.

He said it's fine to post, but to let everyone know the map still isn't perfect. The final version will be called Operation Compton...But to me this map is already an absolute work of art.