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Welcome to Battlefield Singleplayer

Battlefield Singleplayer is a website dedicated to the singleplayer aspect of the battlefield game series. In my quest to put some words here to describe the site, it's history and mission I turned to one of our oldest members who was with our founder Gen Disarray from the very start, MasterChiefRulZ. He worked with Gen Disarray as a fellow moderator back at PBF. I asked him to give me a brief history of the site and in his usual verbose style came up with the following to which I could think of nothing to add. What I have done here with his consent of course is combine what he sent me in two pm's into one quote in his own words. I just don't think myself or any one else could say it better. If fact from our conversation I feel he came up with the Battlefield Singleplayer name though too modest to admit it.

Welcome to Battlefield Singleplayer.

"Once upon a time a moderator for the Planet Battlefield forums, going by the name of General Disarray, was asked to found a BF1942 map review website for PBF. BF42Players was born, and thus the foundation was set for what was to come.

After some time, General Disarray, with his experience in the BF community, realized that there was no site dedicated to the Bot loving singleplayer and cooperative crowd of that selfsame community. After much deliberation BF42 Players was changed to Battlefield Singleplayer, and thenceforth touted as a safe haven for fans of AI.

It was at this point that many bright minds began to gather at this wee little site, flourishing from 100s to now 1000s of members. Ranging from AI developers to those eager to combat AI in their game, the BFSP community pulled together with insight, creativity, and merriment as all shared their knowledge and works in an effort to better the singleplayer and cooperative experience. I remember the first AI pioneer for BF42, it was Arc D' Wraith. He trail blazed tools and set the foundation for others to perfect what he had started. Arc released the first custom bot supported map, it was a community made "73 Easting's" (not the official DC map) for the Desert Combat mod.

Through multiple Battlefield titles and a myriad collection of users down through the years, Battlefield Singleplayer continues to thrive in it's mission to better the game and experience for AI fans the world over."

Welcome to Battlefield Singleplayer.

Battlefield Singleplayer NEWS
Recent Battlefield News (May 16 - Jul 10)
Enemy Sniper Spotted

DATE: Jul 10, 2016 -

And he's been spotted re-animating the AIX 2.0 mod's Mk14EBR. Looking pretty good, hopefully he'll find it in his heart to release this to the public. Video from his Youtube channel below.

For those who don't know he has multiple animations he's done over the years, many of which can be downloaded in his release thread in the BF DOWNLOADS/Community Add-ons section of our forums.

Happy July 4th

DATE: Jul 4, 2016 -

Happy Independence Day

On behalf of BFSP wishing everyone in the US a safe and happy holiday.

For those interested I've created a 'Digital Patriot' texture for an M16 to celebrate the occasion, and links can be found in my content thread in the Downloads section of our forums. :)

News image

Wei Wang's BF2 Super Mod

DATE: Jun 23, 2016 -

BF2 modder Wei Wang has posted a fantastic mega mod of his own creation, featuring excellent exports and craftsmanship of various works of the FPS modding community. One highlight is bringing various CounterStrike community custom weapons and animations to Battlefield 2 through his mod.

Not to be missed, check out the preview video below. Download link can be found in the description of the Preview Youtube video he posted.

Develop13's AIX Mini-Gun New Animation

DATE: Jun 18, 2016 -

Develop13 strikes again. This time reanimating in his own style the classic AIX 2 mod's mini-gun. Download link is provided in the description on his Youtube preview video which can be seen below. :)

You can find more animation awesomess from Develop13 in his content release thread in our ***BF DOWNLOADS***/Community Add-Ons Section of our Forums.

Eve Of Destruction - Redux

DATE: Jun 13, 2016 - Lotte has finally done it. He has released the final version of his Photon-based game, Eve of Destruction Redux. It is NOT free but you can try out his demo. Click here for more information.

BF Modding Community Spotlight

DATE: May 16, 2016 -

Focusing on members of the Battlefield modding community the purpose of "Modding Spotlight" is to highlight contributions made by those community heroes.

Void's ESAI Add-on

Back in 2010 BFSP member Void created his Enhanced Strategic AI system (or ESAI for short) with the purpose of engineering a better bot commander.

Void stated... So what exactly is ESAI? It is an alternative approach to BF2 & BF2142 Strategic AI scripting. It gives the AI commander many more strategy options. ESAI is designed to enhance each team's cohesiveness and overall effectiveness.

End result was a much better experience in AI combat for both friendlies and enemy AI combatants. Void's ESAI allowed users to customize how AI commanders would react to different situations, thus indirectly allowing users to affect AI troops movements more closely. Users could even craft their own strategies based on any given map, and assistance from user wilson212 made a user-friendly Gui interface possible.

affecting so many different levels of the AI, ESAI add-on made AI less predictable and thus more fun to play with. If you haven't tried it yet, be sure to take a look in the ESAI Thread in our forums.

Note Void also created Map Patch Kits for specific maps he edited for his personal enjoyment, and thought to share with the community. Check out his bug fixed and improved maps here in our ***BF DOWNLOADS*** forum section.