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DATE: Nov 26, 2015 - To all our members (and visitors) of Battlefieldsingleplayer we want to wish a very Happy ThanksGiving holiday. :)

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GC_Redux 0.96 for BF1942 Released

DATE: Sep 20, 2015 -

GC_Redux 0.96

14 September 2015 by [GCDev]Django

****************************** This is my final task on a nearly solo funproject I started 3 years ago. I started as a GCDev in 2004 and I could never let my fingers from it till today. Cause of the lack of players over the last years I started to implement Dnamro's GCX addon to original GC5.3 to make a standalone mod including the old modes plus full bot support. A main reason was for me to have fun with my new Maps from the 2011 Mappack. But on that way I ended up doing and overworking the bot support on all Maps plus a few new ones. But now I feel it is time to put an end to modding. One reason is the lack of freetime, the other is for sure the release of battlefront3 this november wink.gif. Maybe you have fun to give this baby a try!

GC_Redux V0.96 a standalone GCmod with full bot support

What you will get are new features like -bot supported objective mode on a revised GC_Deathstar, GC_Taskforce, GC_Tanaab (beta) -revised GC_Hoth with new features -GC_YavinIV : a pure Jedi Map

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