Recent Battlefield News (Nov 5 - Nov 6)
Unlimited Action Updates

DATE: Nov 6, 2016 -

Unlimited Action Mod Continues Development

UA Mod Leader TheObscure has been continuously providing mini-updates and sneak peeks for the BFSP forum faithful on what's going on behind the scenes. Those interested in checking out the progress of this promising BF2 modification should check out his update thread in our forums!

New Maps!

DATE: Nov 5, 2016 -

Frosty98B's Newly AI Supported Custom Maps

Mapper Frosty98B has been pumping out new battlegrounds for war hungry BF2 fans. Be sure to check out his most recent release Forest Stream built for AFSR MOD and version 2.0 of Steel Mill now with bot support! Note that the new version of Steel Mill has been known to crash and any bug reports would be welcome. Download, play, and give feedback in Frosty's Map Release Thread here!!

Forest Stream

Steel Mill