Recent Battlefield News (Jun 2 - Jun 21)
Happy Father's Day

TIME: 6:46am - To all the dads, Happy Father's day from BFSP!

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Super Desert Combat Version 2 Demo

DATE: Jun 21, 2015 - (Author: ridgeraiser) The Super DC version 2 demo is ready for download. Click here (BFSP Blog) for more info. (Picture is courtesy of BFSP).

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BFSP Blog Update

DATE: Jun 10, 2015 - Our very own ridgeraiser has posted his news on BF42 Heroes by Apache Thunder. Click in the "New BFSP Blog" button on the left "Main Menu" bar (section) or click here (BFSP Blog) for more. (Picture is courtesy of BF42 Heroes).

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BF1942 Modding & BFSP Forum Activity Highlights 6-02-15

TIME: 8:02pm - (Author: MasterChiefRulz)

BF1942 modding is still going strong and here are some examples...

*Dnamro's updated Realplayer AI Mod for BF1942. For details and link see this forum post.. Forum Link

*BattleGroup42 mod for BF1942 has some new updates on forthcoming content... Check their website for more

While many people are aware of the action in the BFSP forums, there is the chance some are missing out, so here are some highlights for those who are missing out by neglecting the forums.

*Wilson212 has recently released version 2.1.0 for his BF2 Statistics Control Center mod. Click for more

*Lt. Nomad has released Mesh Hack Weapon Pack Four for BF2... Click for more

*TheObscure has been doing HD style revamping of classic BF2 maps... Click for more

Be sure to browse the forums to keep up with all the latest in community happenings. :)

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Renault Armoured Hauler

TIME: 8:00pm - Latest on Forgotten Hope 2 is their Renault UE armoured vehicle used to carry supplies. Click here (FH2) for more. (Picture is courtesy of FH2).

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Upkeep On Our BFSP Blog

DATE: Jun 2, 2015 - Just wanted to thank ridgeraiser for maintaining the BFSP Blog news. He has been faithfully updating it. Click here to go to the BFSP Blog.

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