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Battlefield 1942
Western War (WW)
 Source Info:;54272
 Last Update:  Jul 8, 2013
 Description:  An exceptionally eye-opening BF42 mod that is set on a western backdrop. NOTE: It is presently without AI support. But it completely playable in MP Conquest mode.

UPDATE: Dnamro has included AI support, but only for the Berlin map for the moment - click here for more.

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Xperience World War II (XWWII)
 Mod Website:
 Last Update:  Jun 27, 2010
 Description:  This is the original realism based mod, and it's a good one. To qoute XWW2 from their ModDB site, "Our Goal is to take bf1942 and now BF2 and transform them into a whole new Experience, one that gives a much more realistic game play".

Note ... the mod version downloads are all two parters. Make sure you get both parts.

Zombie Mod (Zombie)
 Source Info:
 Last Update:  Jul 8, 2013
 Description:  Zombie mod with singleplayer added by Dnamro