Contact the BFSP Team

If you need to get hold of the people behind the BFSP Website and Community you can either use the forums to write an email or a PM to one of the admin staff, or use the below form to send a direct email to webmaster, TNE26.

Please read the following before you contact a BFSP Team member directly:

  • If you want to report a user or a post, please use the report flags in the forums.
  • Questions regarding modding, mapping, or any topics regarding games must be asked in the forums.
  • If you have a technical question regarding the website or the forums, please contact TNE26, cajunwolf or FourCentsShy.
  • If you want to contribute anything BFSP news worthy, please PM poompoom500.
  • Any other requests must be directed to TNE26 or cajunwolf.